Following strong Dragon’s Dogma 2 previews, Capcom’s stock is at a year-high record

By admin Mar8,2024

Is a 401K and government bonds just too boring an investment option for you nad your familly? Well good news! Capcom is riding a financial high following the publishing of previews for Dragon’s Dogma 2, which have helped catapult its stock price to the highest level it has been at in a year. Exciting news for those with a gamer’s mind for investment, and a milestone for the company’s recent stint of popular releases.

The valuation for Capcom stock hit 6,168 Japanese Yen (or $41.70) on March 7, only two days after preview coverage for the upcoming fantasy action RPG were published by various critics (including us – we loved it). Capcom also announced huge boosts to salaries for Japanese staff on March 6 (thanks VGC). With a seemingly good game about to arrive, and staff salaries getting a bump, it looks like the suits of Wall Street value the Japanese developer and publisher quite highly.

This is obviously great news for the company, which has had an incredible past 12 months all-in-all. Street Fighter 6 launched back in 2023, raking in many accolades from fighting game fans and general gaming enthusiasts alike. Monster Hunter Now has also been trucking along, proving a continuing success in the mobile market, with Capcom seemingly cracking the code to making a great AR experience.

Back to Dragon’s Dogma 2 though, it is proving to be an interesting entry into Capcom’s catalogue already. It’s the first game being shipped at $70 by Capcom, and has a console frame rate estimate which is proving controversial among some fans. But flip that coin and you have some truly interesting tidbits coming out about the game.

For my money? I think the game will do well on release. Capcom has earned a positive place in people’s minds following several fantastic releases, and the original Dragon’s Dogma status as a underappreciated banger should add up to make the ideal environment for another big Capcom release. Not to mention, It is facing off against Rise of the Ronin though, which also looks mint. Even so, I think Dragon’s Dogma 2 wins out against Team Ninja’s release.

What do you think? Are the stonks going to continue rising for Capcom? Or has the company topped out for now?

By admin

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