EA puts a bunch of classic games and also The Saboteur on Steam for the first time

By admin Mar8,2024

If you wanted to buy any of the games in the Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection, Dungeon Keeper, or Sim City 3000 – but didn’t want to do it on GOG where they were already on sale – then rejoice! EA has made these classics and more, and for some reason The Saboteur, available on Steam for the first time. You can see the full list of games here. I don’t have anything specific against The Saboteur, but I do think it’s very funny that the list goes, like, “beloved game from the 90s, beloved game from the 90s, 7/10 action game from 2009, beloved game from the 90s”. Also, I can take the opportunity to make fun of Graham and James, the tallest wrongest boys at RPS, who apparently both liked it.

About a decade ago EA came out with Origin, their desktop app/game buyin’ portal that is now, confusingly for writing about it, just called EA. Around this period they pulled a bunch of games from Steam, and put these classics (and The Saboteur) on GOG instead. But now you can play ’em via Gabe’s store and get those achievements and what not, if you’re an achievement hunter. Personally my pick of the bunch would be the Dungeon Keeper series, a Bullfrog strategy game about building and running a hell-dungeon. I understand Command & Conquer is very popular, though, and also Populous (the original god game) and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centuri are well worth a butchers if you don’t have them already.

But again, one of these things is not like the others, is it? The Saboteur is about an Oirish sab working with the French resistance to liberate Paris during WWII. The whole place is in black and white, symbolically, but as you explode Nazi militarised buildings and plans and what not, the city of lights goes back into full colour, section by section. It’s like the start of The Wizard Of Oz but with IEDs instead of songs. It’s fine! But its inclusion in a selection of what EA is calling “unforgettable classics” is very funny, if only because a lot of people did, in fact, forget about The Saboteur.

Anyway, these games are all discounted to celebrate the fact they’re on Steam now, but as mentioned you could get them all on GOG anyway.

By admin

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