Disney’s NEWEST Hotel Restaurant Will Now Be Open LONGER

By admin Mar7,2024

In January, Disneyland opened the long-awaited Pixar Place Hotel, and it was everything our Pixar movie dreams were made of.

The Sketch Pad Cafe

One of the newest offerings at this hotel is the Sketch Pad Café, which serves up lots of different coffee drinks and pastries throughout the morning for you to enjoy. While this place was originally only open until around 11AM each day, now we have GOOD news!

Disney has now announced that The Sketch Pad Café will be open until 5PM each day! This means that from 6AM to 5PM, you can wander into the quick service restaurant/lounge, sit down, and enjoy some coffee before you continue with your day.


Disney also revealed that you can check out some new food and beverage offerings as well! What exactly? Well, their menu online doesn’t say much, only lists the assorted coffees they can do and mentions they have “Assorted Sweets” and “Breakfast Pastries” available, so you’ll have to stop in and see what they have (and then let us know!).

Pizza Bagel

We love the theming at this restaurant, but we want to warn you that while the food is solid (nothing mindblowing, but you won’t be disappointed), it’s pretty overpriced. And that’s saying something since a lot of Disneyland food and drinks are overpriced to a non-Disney fan!

Check out our review of the Sketch Pad Café here!

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