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If you’re a fan of Highschool DxD and Roblox, then you’ll like our Anime Last Stand Lightning Queen profile guide! The details regarding her upgrades, and which techniques work best with her, can be found below.

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense Roblox game that features a wide range of units to collect. What are these units, you ask? Anime characters! Yep, every unit in the game is based on an anime character from your favourite franchises. Obtain the strongest units in the game and place them in your defenses, as they wield their unique traits and techniques against your opponents.

Visit the game’s Roblox page to try it out if you haven’t already! For more unit guides, take a look at our Anime Last Stand Mash profile and our Anime Last Stand Itachi profile – both include details regarding their individual upgrade tiers!

Anime Last Stand Lightning Queen

Wondering who the Lightning Queen is? Well, she’s from the Highschool DxD franchise! You might have heard of it, and if you haven’t, then that’s probably for the best. She’s a sought-after unit due to her electrifying attacks… literally. She can deal additional DMG thanks to her special affinity with lightning.

How to Obtain Lightning Queen

The only way to get the Lightning Queen unit is via Portals. To enter a Portal, you need to either wait for another player to summon one, or obtain your own by defeating Infinite Mode. If you manage to complete the Portal battle, you’re in with a chance of obtaining a Portal-exclusive unit, like Lightning Queen!

She’s an Exotic unit, which means you cannot obtain her via the gacha banners. We’ve got an Anime Last Stand Portals guide if you’d like to learn more about how they work!

Best Techniques For Lightning Queen

Now, for the techniques. Every unit can have a technique equipped, but the tricky part is working out which one is the best for them!

As Lightning Queen is a Placement 1 unit, I recommend equipping her with the Avatar, Overlord, and Glitched techniques. Avatar is a good option, due to the 350% DMG boost and 15% cooldown reduction. Overlord provides a higher DMG boost at 375%, and the Glitched technique is the most powerful one in the game right now.

Base Stats for Lightning Queen

  • DMG: 1.17K
  • DPS: 195
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Range: 20
  • Element: Demonic
  • Attack Type: AoE but mostly Hybrid
  • Cost to Deploy: 2.65K

First Upgrade

  • Cost to Deploy: 3.15K
  • DMG: 2.96K
  • DPS: 493
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Range: 20

Second Upgrade

  • Cost to Deploy: 4.5K
  • DMG: 3.39K
  • DPS: 565
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Range: 20

Third Upgrade

  • Cost to Deploy: 13.5K
  • DMG: 34.4K
  • DPS: 5,733
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Range: 25

Fourth Upgrade

  • Cost to Deploy: 8.5K
  • DMG: 42.6K
  • DPS: 7.1K
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Range: 22

Fifth Upgrade

  • Cost to Deploy: 9.25K
  • DMG: 55.5K
  • DPS: 9.25K
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Range: 22

Sixth Upgrade

  • Cost to Deploy: 10.2K
  • DMG: 68K
  • DPS: 6,181
  • Cooldown: 11
  • Range: 22

Seventh Upgrade

  • Cost to Deploy: 11K
  • DMG: 81.2K
  • DPS: 9,022
  • Cooldown: 9
  • Range: 22

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