2D Soulslike Astra: Knights of Veda To Release April 2 On PC And Mobile

By admin Mar7,2024

In a new introduction video, developer FLINT has announced the release date of its latest project, Astra: Knights of Veda. The game, which is a 2D Soulslike RPG for both PC and mobile, is releasing on April 2.

Astra: Knights Of Veda Announces Release Date With New Video

The introduction video is available to view on Youtube, and spotlights several of the game’s key features. Narratively, Astra looks to be packing some serious punch. The introduction video promises “A captivating story of plot and intrigue,” told through “Over 200 vivid cutscenes” and “Over 6,500 voice lines.”

These story elements are supported by a rich visual style, which harkens back to Vanillaware classics like Dragon’s Crown. Astra presents its characters in painstaking detail, and they strike strong silhouettes both in and out of combat. The introduction video promises these characters will be “memorable companions with diverse backgrounds,” hinting at potential party-based gameplay.

Down To Business

And speaking of gameplay, the introduction video gives us a lot of that to chew over as well. The clips shown paint Astra as a side-on Action RPG, with an array of unlockable skills you can use to take down terrifying creatures of darkness. In its movement and combat, it almost resembles an old-school beat-’em-up, though of course RPG elements are playing a role here.

While it’s unclear exactly how they’ll manifest at this stage, the game’s Steam page also notes that the game will have ‘Soulslike’ elements. This may well relate to how the game handles its currency, or it may just be a reference to the difficult nature of the combat it contains.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll find out soon enough. Astra: Knights of Veda is releasing for the Play Store, App Store, and Steam on April 2. For more RPG news, check out our piece on the release of Kingdom: The Blood.

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