Sol’s RNG Heavenly Potion Guide

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Feature image for our Sol's RNG Heavenly Potion guide. It show a spring of golden water in Stella's cave.

The arrival of Stella’s cauldron in Era 5 brought a ton of new potions to Sol’s RNG. Some are just enhanced versions of the standard bottles lying around the map, but a few have very interesting effects. We’re exploring one of them in our Sol’s RNG Heavenly Potion guide. What it does, and how to craft one.

Sol’s RNG is a Roblox game that really throws you into the thrill of the roll… without the pain of having to part with Robux to roll again. Hit the button to try for a different aura. There are tons to collect, all with different rarities and visual effects. The rarer the aura, the bigger the flex.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Sol’s RNG! If you’re out to keep rolling then take a look at our Sol’s RNG codes guide.

Sol’s RNG Heavenly Potion Guide

Right, let’s get down to it.

About The Heavenly Potion

The Heavenly Potion is a potion with two variations that has different effects depending on which you craft.

  • Heavenly Potion I – +1,000,000% Luck boost for one roll.
  • Heavenly Potion II – +10,000,000% Luck boost for one roll.

How To Craft The Heavenly Potion

So, how do you get your hands on this potion? First, you need to head on over to Stella, who lives inside the new cave area. Want some pointers on getting there? Our Sol’s RNG Stella’s Star guide runs over the process in detail.

Then, use the cauldron and select the potion’s name from the list.

There are two different crafting recipes for the different strength variations of the potion.

Heavenly Potion I Recipe

  • 100 Lucky Potions
  • 50 Divinus Aura
  • 20 Gilded Aura
  • 1 Celestial Aura

Heavenly Potion II Recipe

  • 2 Heavenly Potion
  • 125 Lucky Potion
  • 75 Divinus Aura
  • 50 Gilded Aura
  • 1 Exotic Aura

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