Excited for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree? Two of the best Dark Souls books are now in a neat bundle

By admin Mar6,2024

Consider yourself a hardcoreDark Souls fan? Can you read? I hope you can. If so, there are two Dark Souls softcover books on sale for you to peruse at your leisure. Both the lore heavy Abyssal Archive: The Mythology of Dark Souls, and You Died: The Dark Souls Companion are getting luxury physical releases, which will be perfect for those sitting around and waiting for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

You can order them right now on Tune & Fairweather, which offers some lush looking taster images. Both books are highly acclaimed by reviewers, and are up for grabs for only £44 or your regional equivalent. This is a pre-order, with the books set to arrive in Q3, 2024.

Video game books are a kind of side industry that I personally love, but that may not be on your radar. There are a bunch of them focused on all manner of games you could think of, although as you may expect a good number of them are focused on the really popular or influential titles. Dark Souls, as perhaps one of the most influential games in the past 20 years, is no stranger to excellent prose.

There’s all manner of ways to express love for a video game, be it a collector’s edition, a poster, or a Solaire body pillow. But a book is kinda classy, a bit like vinyl records or original developer material. These two books – like many video game books – are created by enthusiastic writers rather than big ‘ol corporations, so picking them up can help the little guy more than you might think.

So check it out! Be the never-dex booksmart Dark Souls fan you’ve always wanted to be! If you do own any video game books, let us know below!

By admin

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