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Clover Retribution offers many different aspects to set you apart from other players, traits being one of them. Find out here in our Clover Retribution Traits Guide exactly what the traits are, and how they benefit your character during gameplay!

Clover Retribution Traits Guide

So, let’s get right into it!

What Are Traits?

Traits are a passive buff earned when you become a part of a race within Clover Retribution or obtain through other means whilst playing the game generally. Traits offer different perks that increase in value depending on the rarity of the trait which follows: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

The Traits

So, let us dive into the individual traits and what they bestow upon the’



  • Finess Master – +5 Dexterity
  • Fighter – +2 Strength, +2 Constitution
  • Mana Jump – Allows the player to double jump
    • From Mana Instructor NPC – Level 15 + 2,500 Cash for the Trait
  • Mana Block – Allows the player to block magic attacks fully with the blocking bar
    • From Mana Instructor NPC – Level 30 and 4,500 Cash for Trait


  • Tough 1 – +50 HP
  • Scholar – +5 Intelligence
  • Mana Reserves I – +25 Mana
  • Gold Fever – +10% Gold
  • Mana Initiate – Increases flat regeneration rate by 2, and % regeneration rate by 5


  • Sylph’s Push – (Need more info! Please check back)
  • Frostward – Prevents “Chilled” condition when within the Tundra
  • Noble – +25% Mana
  • Nature’s Channeler – Increases the flat regeneration rate by 2, and % regeneration rate by 5
    • Stacks with Mana Initiate
  • Superior Speed – Speed +5
  • Mana Reserved II – +75 Mana


  • Heavenly Restricted – -80% Mana, +5 Strength, +10 Dexterity, +10 Constitution, +50% Bludgeoning, Slashing and Piercing damage
  • Loved by Mana – +250 Mana and an aura
  • Warrior’s Might – Doubles your Block Damage and can be obtained after 60% of your stat points are put into your Strength stat
  • Arcane Insight – Using spells triples the EXP for Clovers, Magic Damage is boosted when your Mana is below 50%, and can be obtained when 60% of your stat points are put into your Intelligence stat
  • Swift Reflexes – Perfect Dodge Window is boosted by 0.125, Speed is increased by 5, and can be obtained when 60% of your stat points are put into your Dexterity stat
  • Unyielding Sentinel – Passive Defense is increased by 5%, which is then increased by 25% when your HP is below 50% and can be obtained when 60% of your stat points are put into your CON stat.


  • Adapative Resistance – Gain a wheel above the player head which spins as more damage is taken.
    • Single Damage type: 1 turn
    • Multi Damage type: 2 turns
    • Gains passive Adaptive Offence
  • High Speed Regeneration – Player gets repeatedly healed by a skill known as Forced Regeneration
  • Monstrous Reserves – Mana +50%

About The Game

Clover Retribution is a Roblox game that is largely based on the Black Clover anime and manga series. Unlock your grimoire, utilise a range of magical powers, and find yourself immersed in the inspired world. There are tons of spells and skills to obtain, alongside stylish face markings, armour, and weapons. Plus, certain traits play a big part in your overall character-building progression. Work through each quest and defeat elite and mini-bosses as you explore – or maybe you’ll battle it out in one of the dungeons!

Check out Clover Retribution’s official Roblox page to find out more. We’ve also got a Clover Retribution tier list that ranks the game’s magical abilities, as well as a Clover Retribution Race tier list which contains extra information about race perks!

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