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By admin Mar5,2024

The calendar has turned another page, and we’ve taken a solid march into March already. That means it’s about time for a new season of Marvel Snap (Free), and with the Disney+ X-Men ’97 revival launching later this month, it’s a good time to revisit one of the more popular comic events starring Marvel’s merry mutants: Avengers vs. X-Men. Super heroes sure get into a lot of ridiculous fights with each other, don’t they? At least this one should be fun, and it goes live later today.

As usual, Ben Brode and his crew at Second Dinner have a fairly amusing video up on their YouTube channel covering the event. I encourage you to watch that if you’re able to, but for those who are busy giving commencement ceremony speeches in front of large crowds of people as they read this, I’ll go through all the major details.

Befitting an Avengers vs. X-Men event, the Season Pass card this time is none other than Hope Summers. The first mutant born after Wanda whispered the fateful “no more mutants” line, she ends up attracting all the wrong kinds of attention from the usual suspects. In Marvel Snap, Hope is a 3-Cost 4-Power card with an ability that makes it so that after you play a card at her location, you’ll get +1 Energy next turn. Another reliable source of energy gain? Sure, why not?

As for the weekly new card releases, let’s start with Pixie. She’s a 2-Cost 1-Power card, and she has an On Reveal ability that shuffles the Costs of the cards in your deck that started there. Mix some high-powered 6-Cost cards with a bunch of 0-Cost cards and you might end up with some spicy plays. The next X-Men character is Sam Guthrie, Cannonball. He’s a 5-Cost 8-Power card, and he looks like a very useful fellow. He has an On Reveal ability that moves the highest-Power enemy card from the location to another spot, and if that card can’t move it gets destroyed and replaced with a rock. Oh my. RIP Blob.

On the Avengers side, the first card is Mockingbird. She’s a 5-Cost 9-Power card, and she costs 1 less for every card you have in play that didn’t start in your deck. Match her up with fellow agents of SHIELD and other deck or hand-stuffers. Right behind her is War Machine, a 4-Cost 6-Power card with a mighty On Reveal ability. After you’ve played him, nothing can stop you from playing cards at any location until the end of the next turn. Not Professor X, not the Sanctum Sanctorum, nothing. Rhodey bringing the goods.

There are also a couple of new locations incoming. Well, one new one and one returning one that has been completely redone. Krakoa makes its glorious return, and instead of taking over your turn five and ruining your game, it now makes it so that your first card played there adds its Power to the top of your deck. Utopia, on the other hand, makes your 3- and 4-Cost cards cost one less. Not too exciting, but it works.

Add in the usual Variant cards and such, and that’s about it for this new season of Marvel Snap. As usual, we’ll have a deck guide ready to go after the new season’s balance adjustments have a day or two to settle in. What do you think of this new season? Are there any cards you’re angling to add to your collection? Do you think the Avengers lawyer in that Second Dinner video should get an Oscar for his outstanding performance? Let me know in the comments below!

By admin

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