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By admin Mar4,2024

Warframe Mobile (Free) launched worldwide on iOS just under two weeks ago. I’ve been playing it for review across multiple iOS devices, but have also been picking it up on Steam Deck and Switch to compare. Right from launch, I was impressed with Warframe Mobile on iOS, but it felt like it could’ve done more. I was disappointed with the frame rate around launch and some iPad-specific issues. Fast forward to a few days ago and Warframe Mobile got patched to add a frame rate option on iOS. This lets you target 30, 40, 50, or 60hz. Alongside the new frame rate option, Warframe Mobile also saw multiple fixes and optimizations. You can read the full patch notes for this update on iOS here. Basically it feels a lot nicer to play right now on my iPhone 15 Pro than it did at launch. Watch the Warframe iOS launch trailer below:

Also if you do plan on playing it, you should sort cross save in Warframe on iOS to get your PC and console progress if you’ve played it before. You need to login on iOS first with the Apple ID login that it prompts you for and then login on the cross save website for the same. If you’d like to play Warframe Mobile on iOS now, you can get it on the App Store for iOS here. Check out the official Warframe Mobile iOS website here. You can pre-register or check out the Android website for the game here. If you missed it, read my interview with Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford & Mobile Product Lead Jussi Elonen about the game, cross platform support, controls, and a lot more here. What do you think of Warframe so far if you’ve played it on iOS?

By admin

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