Suicide Squad slows down on its next patch as it prepares for the arrival of the Joker and season 1

By admin Mar3,2024

You’re going to have to wait for the next Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League patch, as Rocksteady is prioritising the game’s first season.

It’s definitely fair to say that Suicide Squad is not fairing the best. Poor player numbers, a very messy launch, and Warner Bros. expressing disappointment at its sales figures paints an overall rough picture. There is still the possibility that enough updates could turn the game around, but as outlined in the game’s latest developer update, even that isn’t going so smoothly. Players have been awaiting the next patch to hopefully make their experience a smoother one, but it seems like right now Rocksteady is focused on the launch of season 1, which is set to add the Joker, or a version of him anyway, as a playable character.

“We’re aware that many of you are eagerly awaiting our next patch, for bug fixes and gameplay improvements, especially the Mutator changes,” writes Rocksteady. “We’re excited to get those changes into the game, and we’re hard at work getting them ready. Our main focus right now is getting the whole game ready to receive our free Season 1 Update this month, which includes the new playable character Joker, as well as new gear, environments, and more. As a result we won’t be releasing a patch next week as we dedicate ourselves to testing fixes and making sure they’re ready for implementation.”

One thing the post did make a note of, though, is that the team is “investigating several possible fixes for both login and multiplayer issues that would not require a client-side patch to bridge us to the next patch.”

Suicide Squad’s first season is set to arrive sometime this month, but a release date hasn’t been set in stone just yet.

Outside of detailing where the next patch is, Rocksteady also announced that its Discord server is adding an entire channel dedicated to feedback, so if you have some thoughts you want to share about the game, that’s probably the place to do it.

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