Project XL Traits Tier List

By admin Mar2,2024
Feature image for our Project XL trait tier list. It shows a player character in pink glasses stood on the suspension bridge in-game.

Have you got an impressive quality or are you struggling with a disadvantage? We’re here to tell you. Our Project XL traits tier list outlines the different traits you roll on character creation and keeps you informed about which are great and which are… well, not the best.

Project XL is a Roblox action game where you can live out your anime protagonist dreams. You’ll need to build up to that though, and increase your stats to take on bigger and badder foes. Fortunately, there are plenty of powers and weapons to try, find one you vibe with most.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Project XL! Want some more Project XL content? Take a look at our Project XL codes guide.

Project XL Traits Tier List

Now, let’s take a look at the rankings.


The best of the best.


Very good and sought-after.


Solid and useful.

  • Hypersonic
  • Inspiring
  • Noble
  • Powerful
  • Perfect
  • Resilient


Useful situationally.

  • Balanced
  • Muscular
  • Sensitive


Just no.

Project XL Traits Tier List FAQ

Now that you’ve seen the tiers, let’s tackle questions.

How do Our Tiers Work?

Our tiers run from best to worst and rank the general usefulness of the class.

  • S Tier: The absolute GOAT.
  • A Tier: Excellent, if not totally broken.
  • B Tier: Balanced with some useful bonuses.
  • C Tier: Around average stats,
  • D Tier: A disadvantage.

How Did We Decide on the Rankings?

We try and give an objective view with our tier lists. As such, we take into account our gameplay, and community opinions when we make our rankings. Of course, no tier list is totally objective. If you think we’re wrong on something, then feel free to speak up in the comments. We love to hear from the game’s dedicated players. 

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