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By admin Mar2,2024

Arrows work a little differently in Project XL, which is why our Project XL Arrow Tier List is just what new players need. Every type of arrow in the game is ranked from S-tier to D-ier in terms of usefulness.

Project XL is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from multiple anime franchises! As you explore the map, you’ll come across familiar faces from your favourite series. Become stronger by putting your skills to the test and experiencing your own training arc. Bring your top-notch weapons to the battlefield and wield powerful abilities against a variety of enemies!

Play Project XL via the Roblox page now! For more rankings, check out our Project XL Race Tier List and our Project XL Specialization Tier List.

Project XL Arrow Tier List

You can obtain some of the arrow types from Shenron. To summon Shenron, you need to collect 7 Dragon Balls in total before being granted a wish. Have a read of our Project XL Shenron guide to learn more!

S Tier

These arrows are the best in Project XL so far. No, they aren’t used for damage purposes, but the rewards they provide are worth it.

  • Requiem Arrow
    • When you hit level 1,000, you can use a Requiem Arrow to reset your level. This then swaps out your current ability for a rarer one, such as a Legendary!
    • You can purchase this arrow from the in-game shop or by using a Shenron wish

A Tier

Useful arrows to obtain in the game. A mixture of A-tier and S-tier arrows is the best option!

  • Lucky Arrow
    • Obtain a rare ability for one of your empty slots
    • Purchase from the in-game shop (has a low chance of appearing) or obtain from Shenron by using a wish

B Tier

These arrows don’t really wow me. They’re alright to have around, but a little pointless when you progress further into the game.

  • Normal Arrow
    • Obtain a common ability, with a very small chance of obtaining a rare one
    • Purchase from the in-game shop

C Tier

Why would anyone want to waste in-game currency on these?

  • No arrows in this tier yet!

D Tier

I don’t even know why these arrows are in the game.

  • It’s a good thing this tier’s empty right now, as that means there aren’t any terrible arrows

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