Poppy Playtime Forever Circuit Puzzle Completion Cheat Guide!

By admin Mar2,2024
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Don’t get your wires in a knot! My Poppy Playtime Forever Circuit Puzzle guide tells you how to complete this early-game task. So fret not, or fret a little less, as the game is still scary…

Unlike most titled entries into Roblox, Poppy Playtime Forever is a rare anomaly since it is brought by the official DEVs behind this scarily good series. Can you brave the factory and build it yourself alongside frightened friends whilst avoiding freakish foes? With puzzles and scares, this is a classically good horror game to try!

Check out Poppy Playtime Forever over on Roblox, if you’re brave enough. We also have some Poppy Playtime Forever Codes if you need a boost.

Poppy Playtime Forever Circuit

The Circuit Puzzle is prompted quite early into your adventure. Shortly after obtaining the Grabpack and unlocking the door, the ‘Complete the Circuit‘ task will begin. To progress through the superstore you’ll need to complete this task before moving on. Thankfully, it’s not too tricky once you’ve got an idea of what you’re meant to do.

How To Complete The Circuit Challenge

Completing the Circuit requires a little bit of brain power, so pay close attention to my following instructions to ensure you don’t fumble the Circuit. If you do, there is a higher risk of being caught by Huggy Wuggy, since you’ll have to spend longer in this area.

  • With the Grabpack equipped, attach the blue hand to the electrical outlet on the left-side wall.
  • Take a step back from the outlet and walk your way around the closest circuit pole to wrap the arm’s cord around once.
  • If done correctly the pole will illuminate in blue and you can move on.
  • Repeat the wrapping process with the second circuit pole so that both are lit up in blue indicating an influx of power.
  • Now, attach the red hand of the Grabpack to the outlet on the right-side wall. If done correctly should open the door allowing you to move on.

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