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Like many horror games, Poppy Playtime Forever isn’t afraid to tease your brain as it scares you silly. If you’ve found yourself stuck early on, then perhaps our guide on how to complete the Circuit in Poppy Playtime Forever can help.

Poppy Playtime Forever is an officially-licensed entry in the popular horror franchise on Roblox. It features all the hallmarks of the series, including thick atmosphere, tense chase sequences, and fiendish puzzles. One such puzzle asks you to complete a circuit, and arrives so early in the game that it may leave you baffled. If so, our guide has got you covered.

Poppy Playtime Forever is available to play on Roblox now. For more on the game, check out our Poppy Playtime Forever UGC Tier List and our Poppy Playtime Forever Secret Room guide.

How To Complete The Circuit In Poppy Playtime Forever

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to complete the ‘complete the circuit’ puzzle you’ll encounter early on in the game.

Where Is The Circuit Puzzle?

You’ll encounter the circuit puzzle early on in your adventure. Right after you find the Grabpack and use it to unlock a door, you’ll be faced with the prompt ‘Complete the circuit.’ From here, the puzzling begins.

How To Solve It

While it sounds simple initially, there’s actually some lateral thinking involved in completing this puzzle that may not be immediately obvious. Follow these steps and you’ll be fine, however:

  1. Attach the blue hand of the Grabpack to the electrical source on the left-hand wall. You can do this by left-clicking with your mouse while the Grabpack is equipped.
  2. Move backwards and wrap the extended arm around the first circuit pole nearby. If done correctly, it should glow blue at the top to indicate power is being provided.
  3. Wrap the arm all the way round and repeat this process for the second circuit pole. At this point, both should be glowing blue.
  4. Turn around and attach the red hand of the Grabpack to the outlet on the right-hand wall.
  5. If done correctly, this should complete the circuit and open the door, allowing you to continue!

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