The Promised Land Remaster’ Is Coming to iOS, Android, and Steam Following Its Recent Launch On Switch in Japan – TouchArcade

By admin Feb29,2024

Back in July last year, Sting announced a remaster of Riviera: The Promised Land for Japan. The announcement was a celebration of the 21st anniversary of the game’s debut on the WonderSwan Color in Japan, but we had no platform details then. The original Riviera: The Promised Land released back in 2002 in Japan on the WonderSwan Color before seeing a Game Boy Advance release two years later. It released in North America back in 2005 before seeing a PSP release a few years later. The remaster was confirmed to, and released on Switch this week in Japan. Alongside the release, it has been confirmed (via TouchArcade reader Mor) that Riviera: The Promised Land Remaster will launch on iOS, Android, and Steam at some point. More details for this release haven’t been announced, but I’m glad to see it come to PC and mobile as well, albeit only for Japan as of now. Watch the Riviera: The Promised Land Remaster Nintendo Switch trailer below:

I still haven’t played much of Riviera: The Promised Land, but I hope it comes to the West on Switch and Steam at least, if not on mobile whenever Sting decides to release it. Sting self published Yggdra Union on Steam and Switch internationally with no sign of the mobile version coming over. When Sting announces more details about the mobile and Steam release like a potential release window or a release date, I’ll post about it as usual. Have you plaeyd Riviera: The Promised Land on GBA or PSP in the West before and did you end up trying Yggdra Union on Steam or Switch in English?

By admin

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