Astro Renaissance Cat Quest Guide

By admin Feb29,2024
Feature image for our Astro Renaissance cat quest guide. It shows the cat with jet engine feet hovering on top of a display.

Looking for a missing pet and getting really turned around? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our Astro Renaissance cat quest guide gives you the lowdown on finding the missing kitty, and getting a cute pet accessory for yourself.

Astro Renaissance is a sweet and sugary spacefaring roleplaying Roblox game, where you take on the role of an Astral, an intergalactic agent of love and kindness, setting out to save the broken hearts of worlds all across the cosmos.

You can grab Astro Renaissance on Roblox. We also have some Astro Renaissance codes too.

Astro Renaissance Cat Quest Guide

So, how do you get the cat quest, and how do you complete it?

Getting The Quest

To pick up the quest, just complete the following steps:

  • Head to Citadel Of The Cosmos. You should spawn in opposite the NPC Moonlight. Walk down the road in the direction Moonlight is facing.
  • Walk until you find the entrance to a park. To the right of the entrance is an NPC called Venus.
  • Speak to Venus to get a quest to find their cat, who has run away.

How To Find The Cat

So you have the quest. How do you complete it? Don’t worry we’ve got a step-by-step breakdown of this too.

  • Head back toward Moonlight.
  • At Moonlight, turn right and head towards a large, lit-up sign.
  • To the left of the building with the sign, you should see colorful turnstile. Head through it and to an entrance to enter the Astral Subway.
  • Once inside you should see the missing cat on top of one of the barriers.
  • Getting up to the cat can be tricky. I found using the ticket terminals was the easiest way to get up there, but it’s not the only way.
  • Once you’re up there, interact with the cat to pick him up.
  • Head back to Venus and interact for your reward, a toy cat of your very own. Adorable!

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