Alliance’ Is the Newest Entry in the Long-Running Tower Defense Series Set To Release Soon on iOS, Android, and Steam – TouchArcade

By admin Feb29,2024

Following the launch of Junkworld () on Apple Arcade, Ironhide Games has gone back to its long-running Kingdom Rush series for a brand-new entry in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance. As of this writing, not much is known about Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance barring it being a tower defense game, and the platforms (mobile and PC). Ironhide Games mentions it will be releasing soon, and has a teaser trailer for it, but we are yet to see actual gameplay. I’m interested in seeing how the team makes this one feel fresh. The music and animation in the teaser trailer are great as expected from the developer though. Watch the Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance teaser trailer below:

Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance is set to release “soon” on iOS, Android, and Steam. The only bit about the setting Ironhide Games has mentioned is “In the depths of uncharted territories, a colossal evil emerges!”. Until we learn more about how Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance plays, you can grab the team’s Apple Arcade game here. You can also sign up for the Ironhide Games newsletter and the official website here to keep up to date with all things Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance. Check out our forum thread for Junkworld here. Have you played Ironhide Games’ prior Kingdom Rush releases and Junkworld yet?

By admin

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