Hooray, Helldivers 2’s disappearing super credits problem is fixed by its latest patch

By admin Feb28,2024

If you’ve encountered an issue with your hard-earned super credits in Helldivers 2 lately, such as having them disappear or become inaccessible, you can now hopefully breathe easy, as the game’s latest patch has issued a fix for it.

Yep, a number of players had reported over the weekend and the tail end of last week that they were losing access to their cash, which can cost real-world money making the issue a doubly troubling one. Thankfully, Arrowhead’s now delivered a fix as part of the game’s latest patch.

As detailed in the notes for patch 1.000.13, one of its fixes addresses the issue of “Super Credits not showing up after purchase or collection”, so your little fortune – whether amassed by fighting the good fight or tactically grinding certain missions, should be safe from harm. You should also find that Arrowhead’s put an end to instances of premium warbonds “not being accessible after purchase”, which is also good news.

Aside from ensuring that you can actually use your rewards, Helldivers 2’s devs have also rectified a number of glitches that could occur after you were kicked for being AFK by the timer added by one of last week’s patches. No more will being booted lead to you getting “unlimited stratagem [uses]”, find your equipment to be missing, or run into any random (checks notes) purple question marks.

Oh, and the game now shouldn’t crash when someone changes rank or title, so no more fearing the idea of promotion, unless, you know, you’re trying to avoid being given a desk job far from the front lines of Robot Vietnam.

There you go, and by the way, if you’ve spent the past few days getting very angry at Helldivers 2 players you think are farming, you’ll no doubt be glad to know that you don’t have to be, as they’re not actually working directly against the goals of Super Earth.

By admin

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