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It’s time craft! This Clover Retribution Crafting guide covers the basics regarding crafted item modifiers, material and Gold costs, and just who exactly the Wolf-Iron Craftsman is!

Clover Retribution is a Roblox game that is largely based on the Black Clover anime and manga series. Unlock your own grimoire, utilise a range of magical powers, and find yourself immersed in the inspired world. There are tons of spells and skills to obtain, alongside stylish face markings, armor, and weapons. Plus, certain traits play a big part in your overall character-building progression. Work through each quest and defeat elite and mini-bosses as you explore – or maybe you’ll battle it out in one of the dungeons!

Check out Clover Retribution’s official Roblox page to find out more. For more Clover Retribution content, take a look at our Clover Retribution Map guide, Clover Retribution Magic guide, and our Clover Retribution Traits guide.

Clover Retribution Crafting Guide

One of the main ways to get brand-new gear in Clover Retribution, is by crafting. It certainly saves you a lot of time when you don’t have to farm the same boss fight or raid over and over again to be in with the chance of obtaining a rare drop. Plus, some crafted gear is pretty strong – if not a little weaker than the low drop-rate armor and weapons.

When crafting pieces of armor and weapons, you’ll need to follow the recipe to the T! Plus, you’re gonna need some gold too…


Modifiers provide special bonuses for pieces of crafted gear – armor and weapons alike. The type of modifier, or class, determines how large the bonus will be for said crafted item. Let’s take a closer look at the stat boosts!

  • Average Weapons: No modifier bonus
  • Superior Weapons: Between 1.05x and 1.1x
  • Excellent Weapons: Between 1.1x and 1.2x
  • Exceptional Weapons: Between 1.15x and 1.3x
  • Mastercraft Weapons: Between 1.2x and 1.5x
  • Artifact Weapons: Between 1.5x and 1.7x

And now onto the armor sets!

  • Average Armor: 1x
  • Superior Armor: 1.25x
  • Excellent Armor: 1.5x
  • Exceptional Armor: 1.75x
  • Mastercraft Armor: 2x
  • Artifact Armor: 2.25x

The Wolf-Iron Craftsman

This guy can craft you a bunch of useful stuff – but there is a drop-rate chance. He spawns at random times too, so keep an eye out for him! Luckily, you only need to give him some of your Gold, allowing you to skip out on farming crafting materials.

  • Wolf Iron Jacket
    • Armor
    • 1,625 Gold
    • 10% drop rate
  • Wolf Hunter Sword
  • Wolf Hunter Bandolier
  • Wolf Hunter Pauldrons

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