Pitch: the big IP holders should license them cheaply, so people can make loads of weird fanfic games

By admin Feb27,2024

Last night I dreamt I had to review a Dragon Age DLC. I reviewed it poorly. I thought that it should not have been marketed as main game DLC instalment when it pivoted to being a magical girl dating sim. This serves to show how unrealistic dreams can be; in my waking hours I am, of course, of the clear-eyed awareness that a magical girl dating sim is entirely in-keeping with the rest of the Dragon Age oeuvre.

I’m worried about Dragon Age. I’m worried that so much cost has been sunk, team members changed and redrafting did that it’ll end up kind of a mess. But that’s the pessimism talking. What I’d like to propose is that all the big game companies have a crack at something similar to Amazon’s (hiliarious and abortive) attempt to officially license fan fiction, which was called Kindle Worlds.

By admin

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