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Trying to obtain the Haze Piece Scroll? It’s quite a rare item, but once you’ve got it, it’s definitely worth it. If you’re searching for a way to obtain the Scroll, you’re probably trying to unlock the popular Raiu sword! Read on to find out how the Scroll grants you access to the powerful weapon.

Haze Piece is the Roblox experience inspired by One Piece. With plenty of immersive quests and familiar faces, you can explore the lands and become the strongest pirate! (Or marine, but who is really choosing that option?). Consume devil fruits to become even stronger with strange and powerful abilities. Battle alongside or against friends, and watch as your bounty soars the more fun you have.

For more information about Haze Piece, visit the game’s official Roblox page. If you’re looking for more Haze Piece content, we’ve got plenty! Check out our Haze Piece Sword tier list, Haze Piece 3 Sword Style guide, and our Haze Piece Accessories guide.

Haze Piece Scroll Guide

Let’s move on to the Scroll guide! So, what is it?

What is the Haze Piece Scroll

The Haze Piece Scroll is a special item that you need to obtain the Raiu weapon! Once you’ve obtained the Scroll, you can head to Skull Island and talk to the Scroll Merchant behind the giant Skull.

How to Obtain the Scroll

The only way to obtain the Scroll in Haze Piece is by defeating Shiryu. This boss can be found on Skull Island, which is a Level 175 area! It’s important to note that the Scroll has a 5% drop rate, making it a pretty rare item. This means you’ll more than likely have to defeat the Shiryu boss multiple times before the Scroll drops – unless you get lucky first time around!

How to Unlock the Raiu Sword

When the Scroll eventually drops after defeating Shiryu, you can take the scroll to the Scroll Merchant NPC on Skull Island (he wears a hat and vest while sporting a long white beard!). As mentioned above, the Scroll Merchant can be found behind the giant Skull. Interact with them and give them the scroll to obtain the Raiu sword!

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