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It can get expensive keeping up with the evolving meta in Anime Last Stand, given how easy it is to burn through Emeralds and Rerolls in the game. If you need a boost to help you take on the new content, our Anime Last Stand Update 2 codes list has you covered.

Anime Last Stand is a Tower Defence game on the Roblox platform. It lets you build an elite team from a range of anime icons, and take on waves of enemies in different game modes. Like many Roblox games, it can be a grind getting through it on willpower alone. With these codes, however, you’ll find it a much easier task.

Anime Last Stand is free to play via Roblox. For more on the game, check out our Anime Last Stand Whitebeard guide. If you prefer your anime games a bit more direct, check out our Project Slayers Spatial Awareness guide.

Full List Of Anime Last Stand Update 2 Codes

The following is a complete list of all currently-active codes in Anime Last Stand. We last verified these codes on the 26th of February, 2024.

  • ALSUpdate2YutaHype – 1,000 Emeralds, 10 Technique Rerolls.
  • BlamsSecretMiniUpdateMustBeSubbedToWork – 500 Emeralds, 20 Technique Rerolls.
  • BigUpdateWednesday – 690 Emeralds, 15 Technique Rerolls.
  • D1SGUISED – 250 Emeralds.
  • evolvethis – Exotic Drip Zami Unit.
  • GoalReached – 500 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls.
  • PORTALS – 1,000 Emeralds, 10 Technique Rerolls.
  • Real – 350 Emeralds, 10 Technique Rerolls, 1 Skill Tree Reset.
  • SorryForDelayAndMaintenance – 250 Emeralds, 5 Technique Rerolls.
  • Sub2KingLuffy – 250 Emeralds.
  • Sub2Noclypso176k – 250 Emeralds, 3 Technique Rerolls.
  • ThankYouSoMuch45mVisits – 500 Emeralds, 10 Technique Rerolls.
  • YammoRework – 250 Emeralds.

How To Redeem Your Codes

To cash in your Anime Last Stand, all you need to do is follow this simple process:

  • Open Anime Last Stand using the Roblox client.
  • Click on the ‘Codes’ button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter a valid code in the text box that appears.
  • Hit ‘Redeem’ to claim your rewards!

Why Aren’t My Codes Working?

There are a few reasons why the codes you enter, even if they come directly from our active codes list, may not work. Firstly, the code in question may have expired. Codes come and go quickly in the world of Roblox, and a code we list one day may be invalid the next. Another potential issue is the type of server you’re playing on. Some codes only seem to work on Private Servers, so if you’re having trouble, try switching to one of those before you start up the game. In Anime Last Stand, they’re free to create!

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