NEWS: Disney World Cancels Second Showing of Fantasmic! Due to “Unforeseen Circumstances.”

By admin Feb25,2024

We always say it’s important to have a plan in place when visiting Disney World, but sometimes things can impact your schedule.


For example, you may want to ride Rise of the Resistance, but the ride closes, and you never get a chance to get on it. Maybe you have plans to ride a bunch of outdoor attractions, but bad weather rolls in, and Disney closes those rides. Sometimes, other things can change your plans, too. For example, on February 24th, the second showing of Fantasmic! was canceled in Hollywood Studios. We’re going to tell you how to stay on top of this kind of cancelation and still get an opportunity to see the show.

We wish we could tell you these things didn’t happen, but sometimes shows get canceled. This can be due to last-minute staffing issues, weather, or even technical difficulties. We know we often tell you to wait for that second Fantasmic! show if there are multiple performances, as that second show is generally less crowded. However, there is a risk that the show could get canceled.


Here’s how to be prepared so you don’t miss the show. Make sure you have multiple nights open so you can possibly see Fantasmic! another day if needed. You’ll want to keep an eye on how many showings are happening during the days you’re there because, sometimes, there is only one show per night. You can do this by checking the Fantasmic! page on the Disney World website or through the My Disney Experience app. You’ll also want to check the times for Fantasmic! on the day you plan on seeing it because showtimes can change at the last-minute.


Finally, make sure you have notifications turned on in My Disney Experience so that you get updates when this kind of thing happens. There’s nothing worse than getting blindsided by a change in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Keep those notifications ON, people!


If you’ve purchased a Fantasmic! dining package, note that even if the show is canceled, your dining experience will still take place. 

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