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Unsure how to put the anvil to good use and get your gear upgraded? My Swordburst 3 Upgrade Ores guide contains everything you need to know about the improvement process so you can get stronger and flashier!

Swordburst 3 is an open-world RPG game with stunning graphics and immersive fights right on Roblox’s platform! You can challenge fearsome bosses to obtain loot and upgrade your gear before traversing into new magical lands full of mystery, quests, whimsy and a sprinkle of medieval.

Check out Swordburst 3 over on Roblox if you haven’t already! (What are you doing here then?). If you’re just a fan of reading game guides with occasional jokes then check out some more of our works. Sol’s RNG Breakthrough Explained and Second Piece Tier List.

Swordburst 3 Upgrade Ores

Let’s begin with the anvil, the anchor of all your upgrading. Well, the anvil of all your upgrading… Anyway, Upgrade Anvils are located at every shop, unless there happens to be a windmill nearby which will instead contain the Upgrade Anvil, for example, the Razor Boars. As expected you can make your equipment stronger with upgrades at the cost of materials and other oddities found in your endeavours.

Depending on the level of your item will determine which Ore is required to improve your kit. The Ores you can locate and use in upgrades range from AmethystAquamarineTopaz and Ruby.

Upgrade Ores Level Stats and Drop Locations

Now you’re an anvil expert (put that on your CV!), you need to actually begin upgrades. To do so, you’ll need to locate the Ores and get enough quantity to afford improvements. So, let’s get into it!


The first and most common of the Ores, Amethyst is used to upgrade items between levels 1-14. This Ore can be dropped by any Mob levelled between 1-14, looted from chests, and mined across Floor 1.


Similar obtainments to Amethyst except for being a level higher. Aquamarine upgrades your items between levels 15-24, and can be dropped by Mobs between levels 15-24. This Ore can also appear in various chests and be mined from various locations on Floor 1.


Found on Floor 2, Topaz can upgrade gear through levels 25-30. As expected, you can find Topaz as a mob drop if facing enemies level 25-30, as well as certain chests. This Ore can be mined from Floor 2.


Ruby upgrades items between levels 31-45 and can be looted from chests and various mobs between the level threshold shared. Like Topaz, this Ore may also be mined in various locations across Floor 2 if you’d prefer a more pacifist route to obtainment.

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