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If you’re a fan of Crooks Tower Defense Simulator, chances are you don’t much care for the idea of paying for things. With our complete list of Crooks Tower Defense Simulator codes, you can get some nice rewards without breaking the bank.

Crooks Tower Defense Simulator is a Tower Defence game on the Roblox platform. With a wide range of Towers and Maps to mess around with, it offers a complete Tower Defence experience for free-to-play players. Whether you’re a new or returning player, you’ll be able to get some value out of the codes we’ve gathered here in this article.

You can play Crooks Tower Defense Simulator on Roblox right now. For more fun freebies, check out our Destiny Child Memorial codes list.

Full List Of Crooks Tower Defense Simulator Codes

The following is a complete list of all active codes in Crooks Tower Defense, and the rewards they grant.

  • QNJOU11 – Premium Crate.
  • 9509253943 – John Skin for Militant Tower.
  • NAMETAGSRCOOL – Follower Nametag.
  • JOHNRETURNS – John Skin For Tower.

How To Redeem Your Codes

A screenshot of the code redemption screen in Roblox game Crooks Tower Defense Simulator.

To redeem your codes, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Open Crooks Tower Defense Simulator using the Roblox client.
  • Click the ‘Codes’ button in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter a valid code from the list above.
  • Hit ‘redeem’ to cash in your code and claim the rewards!

Where To Find More Codes

If you’re serious about your Tower Defense, then you’ll want to get hold of new codes as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can do this:

  • Bookmark this article – We’ll be updating this article with new codes as and when they’re released. Check back regularly to stay in the loop.
  • Follow Paradoxum Games on Twitter – The developer of Crooks Tower Defense Simulator regularly posts new codes on Twitter. Give them a follow to ensure you never miss a code.
  • Join the official Discord Server – As with most Roblox games, Crooks Tower Defense Simulator releases new codes through its Discord server as well. You can join it to gain direct access to new codes when they’re released.

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