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By admin Feb23,2024

Being a video game enthusiast can involve a lot of lonely legwork. 

You have to keep tabs on what new games are coming out, what people think of them, how they look in action, where to buy them, and more. All of which means bouncing from news site to video service to retail channel to social platform and back again, day in and day out.

By now you’ve probably already worked out where we’re going with this, but we’ll spell it out: you need to get yourself on TapTap. 

This comprehensive platform serves as an editorial destination, with reviews of all the latest games; a discovery tool, letting you find games with ease; a video platform, where you can watch countless hours of gameplay footage; and much more.

TapTap even lets you sign up for beta tests and pre-register for forthcoming titles. 

Plus, it gives you a slick, handy forum in which to discuss your favorite hobby with other gamers, content creators, and even, if you’re very lucky, the developers themselves. 

How Does TapTap Work?

Short answer: however you want it to. Everything the TapTap community has to offer is available on the official TapTap website, where you can read articles, peruse game lists, sign up for an account, and more, all from the comfort of your swivel chair.

Or, if you prefer, you can download the TapTap app on your iOS or Android phone. This method sees you answering a few questions about your gaming preferences to receive content tailored to your own unique personal interests. 

Meanwhile, to get your hands on the full Android version of the TapTap app you’ll need to head to the TapTap website and download it from there.

The advantage of going through a platform like TapTap is that it not only gives you access to a curated library of games, but it lets you participate in pre-release tests and check out games that aren’t available in your region. 

Is the TapTap App Safe? 

With very good reason, many mobile users are uncomfortable with the idea of stepping off the beaten path and into the shadowy world of apps that Google doesn’t seem to want you to install.

No problem. You can still download TapTap on the App Store and Google Play, but you won’t be able to get the most out of it without sideloading the file. 

There’s nothing sinister about this: it’s simply that the full-fat version of TapTap lets you download apps directly, technically making it a rival to Google’s own storefront. 

Google doesn’t like rivals – particularly when they’re free, developer-friendly, and offer exclusive content. 

TapTap is an established service with millions of active users around the world, so you can rest assured that your personal information is in good hands.

Why Should I Use TapTap?

Haven’t you been reading? TapTap isn’t just a storefront, or a social platform, or a source of news and criticism, or an exclusive club for players who like to be ahead of the curve. 

It’s all of those things and more. 

Through TapTap, you can communicate with developers directly, contributing to the process of game development by playtesting their work and giving your feedback. TapTap users have previously got in on the ground floor of titles like takt op. Symphony, Wuthering Waves, Battlefield Mobile, and a ton of others. 

And it’s not just for mobile games. At the recent TapTap Pocket Playfest, players had the chance to try out several PC game demos

TapTap has the future covered, and it’s all over the present too. Thanks to the platform’s up-to-the-minute reviews, curated lists, and tailored content, you’ll discover the kind of hidden gems that just don’t make a splash on the mainstream editorial sites. 

Most importantly of all, TapTap lets you be a part of the conversation. You can share your thoughts, write reviews, create lists, and start discussions on any gaming-related topic you like. 

Head to the official website to check TapTap out

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