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The majority of Auras in Sols RNG exist purely for fashion and not function. The one exception to this rule is Arcane, a Sols RNG Aura that unlocks a brand-new move for you to play with.

Sols RNG is a Roblox game that boils the gacha concept down to its purest essence. Without any kind of core gameplay to get in the way, you’re free to roll to your heart’s content here, in search of ever-rarer Auras. Most of these are just for show, but Arcane actually has some practical applications too. In this guide, we’ll teach you all about it.

Sols RNG is available to play on Roblox right now. For more on the game’s rarer Auras, check out our Sols RNG Celestial guide and our Sols RNG Chromatic guide.

Complete Sols RNG Arcane Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through exactly what the Arcane Aura has to offer, and how you can boost your chances of rolling one yourself.

What Is Arcane?

Arcane, written as A r c a n e in-game, is a rare Aura in Sols RNG. You have a 1 in 1,000,000 chance to get it when rolling. This doesn’t put it in the realm of the rarest Sols RNG Auras, but still means it’s rare enough that you won’t see it very often. It’s also worth noting that there’s no Breakthrough available for this Aura, so you can’t get lucky and roll one that way.

Arcane creates circles of blue light around your character, which revolve at high speeds. It also slightly tweaks your character’s base pose, making them appear more laid-back. Beyond these aesthetic changes, Arcane is notable for adding a teleport move to your character’s roster. When used, this lets you instantly jump across short distances at speed. If you can master the spacing on this, it can make the platforming challenge at the edge of the map much easier to complete. At time of writing, Arcane is the only Aura that changes your moveset like this.

How To Get Arcane

As mentioned above, you can acquire Arcane through the game’s standard rolling system. There are no special conditions under which you’re more likely to roll Arcane. This means your best bet is just to maximise your Luck however you can.

There are a few ways to do this. You can use a Lucky Potion you find lying around on the ground, equip an Item like the Lucky Glove or Eclipse Device, or complete the platforming challenge at the edge of the map to receive the temporary Basic Blessing buff.

Once you’ve raised your Luck, all that’s left to do is roll as much as you can. If you can increase your Speed with a Speed Potion, you’ll be able to cram in more rolls before your Luck buffs expire, thus raising your chances of landing an Arcane further.

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