Age of Mythology Retold, remastered Age of Empires spin-off, will be out this year

By admin Feb23,2024

Age of Mythology Retold, the latest remaster of the god-battling Age of Empires spin-off, will finally see a release in 2024, having been revealed back in October 2022.

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World’s Edge confirmed that the long-awaited glow-up of the 2002 RTS – which is effectively Age of Empires with mythical gods and monsters from its Greek, Egyptian and Norse factions – would hit PC and Xbox this year, showing off higher-detail models for Medusa, Pegasus and Cerberus during their Age of Empires: New Year, New Age stream event today.

The incoming remaster – Age of Mythology’s second after its Extended Edition – will be equivalent to the Definitive Edition re-releases granted to Age of Empires, overhauling the game’s engine with new 3D visuals, artwork, animations, textures and UI, as well as introducing an array of quality-of-life improvements. Retold will bundle together elements from the original base game and its various expansions up to 2016’s Tale of the Dragon, including the likes of the Atlantean and Chinese factions, titan units, additional maps and extra campaigns.

The cover artwork for Age of Mythology Retold, showing various gods and monsters
Image credit: World’s Edge

There’ll be some notable gameplay changes, too, with the potential for some fairly major changes to classic strategies. One example is that titans will now be more powerful against walls and buildings, with the ability to traverse rivers and oceans – making them much more of a threat on island maps.

Though the latest reveal showed no gameplay, only character models in a very awkward augmented reality showcase, we did learn that Age of Mythology Retold will release later in 2024 on both Steam and Game Pass.

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