Heads up – Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will cost $40 on PS5, Xbox, PC

By admin Feb22,2024

A hype new Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer was just released to the world. Alongside it, information on the various versions of the game you can buy has been released on storefronts. You better set some cash aside, because it looks like the base price for Shadow of the Erdtree will be $40.

That’s just for the DLC on its lonesome. The full game with the DLC will run you $80 on the PlayStation website. The Digital Deluxe edition, which you can grab for $99.99 will come with a digital artbook and soundtrack. Quite the price!

Then you’ve got the hefty collector’s edition, which is where the really big numbers start coming. If you want a digital copy of the DLC, a hardcover art book, and a Messmer the Impaler statue it’ll cost you around $250

Now that’s obviously a lot of money for the high-end editions, but that’s fine. That’s for the truly dedicated. But $40 for the base DLC certainly catches the eye! Especially right now with a recession going on, we may find the rune of death burried within our wallets.

But then again, it does seem as though we’re getting a lot of content with Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree! Multiple new bosses, loads of new enemies, and vast open world. A lot of time and work has clearly gone into the DLC in the past two years. If, let’s say, it takes 20-30 hours to beat this DLC, is that really too much to ask? Personally, I think it’s around a fair price.

Plus, the edge falls off once you look at previous Souls games and the price they charged for post-launch content. Back in 2012, Dark Souls 1’s Artorias of the Abyss DLC was sold for $15, and it was great. However, slap that date and price into the US inflation calculator, and you’d be dropping $30 on that today. When you put those two aside, and take into account the seemingly larger scope of Shadow of the Erdtree, it starts to feel a bit more justified.

But let us know what you think – is $40 a bit too steep for you right now? Or will you splash out for a pricier options like the superfan you are?

By admin

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