Former Xbox exclusive Pentiment arrives on Switch tomorrow (Feb 22) and Grounded in April – WGB

By admin Feb22,2024

Nintendo opened up today’s Nintendo Partner Direct by announcing the formerly Xbox (and PC) exclusives Grounded and Pentiment are coming to Nintendo Switch.

Just last week we learned that Xbox is bringing four of its titles to other platforms, but Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer wouldn’t say which titles because he wanted the individual studios to have their moment in the spotlight. However, reports at the time suggested Grounded would be one of the four games coming to PlayStation and/or Nintendo Switch.

According to the Direct, Grounded will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on April 16.

During the video there was also a brief sizzle reel shown, and in that footage was Pentiment. It was a weird way to announce the game given how big a deal Xbox games coming to other platforms.

Still, Pentiment will be hitting the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, February 22.

Finally, there was no sign of Hi-Fi Rush despite it being the most heavily rumoured game to be making the leap. This could be because Microsoft wants to give it a grander reveal, or perhaps they are saving it for a Sony event down the line.

By admin

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