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By admin Feb22,2024

During today’s Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase all sorts of awesome-looking games were shown off, obviously all coming to the Nintendo Switch, but also many that will be appearing on multiple platforms. There was one game in particular though that immediately caught my attention with its unique mechanics, and also made me immediately think that it would be a perfect fit for a mobile game. Well it wasn’t until later that I found out that the game in question, Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure, actually will be coming to mobile as part of the Netflix Games library. Isn’t that nice when your wishes are automagically granted like that? Arranger’s main gimmick is that the entire world is laid out like a grid, and when you move your character you are moving the entire row or column that she is standing on, including any objects or people that are on it, depending on if you’re moving side to side or up or down. I’m doing a poor job explaining I think so maybe it’s best if you just watch this trailer.

Ok, see what I mean now? Pretty cool, right? Obviously you’ll need to use a lot of forethought in how you move through the world of Arranger since you’ll be causing so many other things to move with you at the same time. There’s also a whole storyline to follow as well as a wonderful art style and colorful cast of characters. A star-studded team of industry veterans, who are calling themselves Furniture & Mattress, started working on what eventually became Arranger way back in March of 2020, which as you might remember was just the very beginning of the pandemic. It’s been a long road since then but Arranger is looking marvelous and I can’t stop thinking about how clever the premise is. They are targeting a summer 2024 release window so keep an eye out for this one later this year.

By admin

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