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In Sols RNG, most of the Auras can be obtained just by rolling relentlessly. The Eclipse in Sols RNG is an exception, however: read on to learn how to claim it.

If you’re a fan of gacha systems in games, then Sols RNG is the Roblox title for you. It takes the concept of rolling in a gacha and builds an entire game around it, with elements of crafting and platforming all feeding back into your endless search for rarer and rarer Auras. While rolling will get you far in the game, it won’t get you the elusive Eclipse Aura. Thankfully, this guide will.

Sols RNG is free to play on Roblox right now. For help with some other ultra-rare Auras, check out our Sols RNG Celestial and Sols RNG Chromatic guides.

Sols RNG Eclipse Guide

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can get the Eclipse Aura for yourself, and how you can use it to further your Aura-hunting in the future.

How To Get Eclipse

Unlike most Auras in Sols RNG, you can’t get Eclipse through the standard rolling system. Instead, you’ll need to craft it. At time of writing, Eclipse is the first, and only, Aura you can obtain this way. To craft it, head to Jake’s Workshop in the middle of the map, and hand over the following materials:

  • Solar x1 – An Aura with a 1 in 5,000 roll rate. Can only be rolled during the day.
  • Lunar x1 – An Aura with a 1 in 5,000 roll rate. Can only be rolled during the night.
  • Divinus x1 – An Aura with a 1 in 32 roll rate.

Both Lunar and Solar are very tricky Auras to obtain, seeming much rarer than their stats imply. Since you need both of them to craft Eclipse, and since you’re better off using the first Solar and Lunar you get to craft their respective Devices instead of this, it will likely take a long time to get your hands on this Aura. To speed up the process, be sure to use Luck and Speed boosting Items as much as possible.

What Does Eclipse Do?

Eclipse serves two purposes in Sols RNG. Firstly, it’s an Aura you can equip. It puts a dark sun above your character’s head, wreathed in an orange glow that can also be seen around their feet. It’s visually stunning, though you’ll need to warn your fellow players not to look directly at it.

The other use for Eclipse is to use it as crafting material for the Eclipse Device. Before you get the Exo Gauntlet, this is the best Item you can equip, granting a 50% Luck boost and a 15% reduction in your roll cooldown. Here’s a full list of what you’ll need to craft it:

  • Solar Device – Item, crafted with 1 Gear Basing, 1 Solar, 1 Divinus, and 1 Rare.
  • Lunar Device – Item, crafted with 1 Gear Basing, 1 Lunar, 1 Divinus, and 1 Rare.
  • Eclipse – Aura, crafted with 1 Solar, 1 Lunar, and 1 Divinus.

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