Dead by Daylight Chapter 31 Drops On March 12 With A New Map

By admin Feb21,2024

We have some scoop on the upcoming update of Dead by Daylight! There are going to be some fresh scares because there will be new killers, survivors and maps. Titled ‘All Things Wicked,’ you can play Dead by Daylight Chapter 31 on any platform starting March 12, 2024.

So, What’s New?

Behaviour Interactive just dropped some details on Dead by Daylight Chapter 31. Firstly, you’ll get to meet a creepy new killer named The Unknown and a survivor named Sable Ward. The Unknown’s got some pretty trippy powers, like teleporting that can make you see things. It also lets it leave a fake version of itself behind to mess with you.

In Dead by Daylight Chapter 31, survivors get a new perk type called Invocation. Each survivor will have their own Invocation. Sable’s Invocation is called Weaving Spiders and it hurts her in lieu of powering up all the generators on the map. Finally, the new map is a place called Greenville Square. It’s a cute little town with a dark secret.

When you’re running from The Unknown, you’ll be dodging through a town square with a movie theatre and arcade. Behaviour Interactive dropped a spooky live-action ‘found footage’ clip last week to freak us out. It shows a scary monster going all out on a poor camper. Sounds scary but… Why don’t you take a look at it and let us know how spooky it is?

Ever Played Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has always been throwing in some horror legends. Previously, they’ve teamed up with big names like Resident Evil and Stranger Things. Released in June 2016, it’s an asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game. It lets one player take on the role of a savage killer while four others play as survivors.

In the game, the killer has greater strength and abilities, hunting survivors who must rely on stealth, teamwork and strategy to evade capture. Hence, it’s called an asymmetric game. If you haven’t played it yet, head to the Google Play Store and give it a shot!

That wraps up our scoop on Dead by Daylight Chapter 31 release. Looking for a new game? Check out Beat ’Em Up Adventure Brok the InvestiGator Dropping Tomorrow!

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