This full-size mechanical keyboard is reduced to just £5

By admin Feb20,2024

Mechanical keyboards can be pretty cheap these days, but I’ve not never seen one on sale for as little as £4.99 – especially not for a full-size RGB model available for a brand I’ve actually heard of before! That is indeed the case at GAME though, who are selling the Trust Gaming GXT 865 Asta for £4.99 plus another £4.99 in shipping – that’s £20 less than this keyboard normally costs!

In terms of specs and features, the Trust GXT 865 looks solid but doesn’t go beyond the core promise of a mechanical keyboard, delivering better customisability, key feel and long-term durability than a standard non-mechanical membrane keyboard. You do at least get a full-size UK layout, as mentioned, with an option of seven rainbow wave effects with optional brightness – including off.

You also benefit from n-key rollover, which means that the keyboard can recognise as many simultaneous inputs as there are keys on the keyboard – something that isn’t possible even on gaming-grade membrane keyboards. The switches provided here are soft linear (red) models, so you get a relatively rapid key press with smooth action rather than bumpier (tactile) or clickier (clicky) switch alternatives.

Overall, an incredible value at this price and well worth considering!

By admin

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