For its 50th anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons and Lego are… putting bricks in slime?

By admin Feb20,2024

Look out, lovers of Dungeons & Dragons and Lego, as to celebrate the tabletop game’s 50th anniversary, a new set is in the works.

The official Lego Twitter account released a teaser for the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons themed set yesterday, showing a short, honestly slightly ominous trailer of a gelatinous cube containing things like a key, sword, treasure, and even a wand-wielding skeleton. You know, your standard stuff you’d find in a gelatinous cube. “Time to party up,” reads an accompanying caption to the short trailer. “We’re oozing with anticipation! Are you ready to build awesome adventures?” There’s not much more of a tease than that, but I’m sure there’ll be a proper reveal soon enough.

The collaboration actually comes from Lego’s Ideas branch, a site that lets users submit their own Lego set ideas, which others can vote on to try to get made. A contest was held by Lego and Wizards of the coast back in 2022 asking Lego creators to come up with a design that will be made into a full set – the winner ended up being a set called Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End, which will be just under 3000 pieces in size, a very fun set that features a dragon that wraps around a castle, with various characters attempting to fend it off.

In the post announcing the winner, Lego wrote that “this submission will be part of the 50 years of Dungeons and Dragons celebrations and we cannot wait to see this set in the hands of fans in the future,” meaning there could be some more sets planned for the anniversary.

A Lego collab isn’t the only thing in the works for D&D either, as plenty of other announcements were made earlier this month too. There’s plenty of new books out this year, one of which is seeing the return of Vecna, and apparently there’ll be some kind of Pop Tart collaboration too, of all things.

By admin

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