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Tower Defence can be an expensive business at the best of times. With our Anime Last Stand Farm Units guide, you can build a rock-solid economy to support your war efforts.

Anime Last Stand is a Tower Defence game on the Roblox platform. It lets you put together a crack squad of your favourite anime characters, and deploy them tactically to hold off endless hordes of enemy attackers. Most Units in the game do one thing and one thing only: destroy your enemies. Farm Units are a little different, however. Join us as we dive into this unique, little-seen Unit type.

You can check out Anime Last Stand via Roblox right now. For more advanced tips, you can check out our Anime Last Stand Whitebeard guide, or our Anime Last Stand Six Eyes guide.

Anime Last Stand Farm Units Guide

In this guide we’ll cover what Farm Units are, and how you can use them effectively.

What Do Farm Units Do?

Unlike the majority of Units in Anime Last Stand, Farm Units aren’t here to destroy your enemies. Instead, they’re here to make you a little extra money on the side. Once deployed, a Farm Unit will provide a set amount of cash at the end of each wave, increasing as you level them up.

Because of this, Farm Units are more effective the earlier you can get them out, as they’ll be around for more waves that way, and therefore generate more money. Try and deploy them as early as possible while still developing your actual defences for the best results.

In terms of Techniques, Farm Units aren’t interested in the majority of them. They don’t care about increases to Damage, Range, Attack Speed, or any of that. The only relevant Techniques for Farm Units are those that increase Money. These are as follows:

  • Shining – +10% Money
  • Golden – +12.5% Money
  • Diamond – +20% Money, +5% Damage
  • Entrepreneur – +35% Money, +15% Damage, +15% Range, -15% SPA, +25% Crit Damage

Naturally Entrepreneur is the ultimate goal, but as a Celestial Technique your chances of rolling it are low. If you roll any of the other three it’s best to settle, unless you have a huge supply of Technique Shards lying around.

Complete List Of All Available Farm Units

The following is a full list of all the Farm Units currently in the game, and their respective rarities.

  • Pride (Night) – Epic
  • Speedcart – Mythic
  • Idol – Celestial
  • Pride (Starter) – Exotic

All of the above Units can be obtained through the game’s normal Summon process, with the exception of Pride (Starter). This Unit can only be obtained through the Starter Gamepass. While there aren’t many Farm Units to choose from, Idol is the clear frontrunner, providing the most Money per Wave, and offering a nice AOE Range buff for your other Units when she’s fully upgraded. As a Celestial Unit, she’s incredibly rare, however, so Pride (Night) and Speedcart are fine substitutes while you wait to finally roll her.

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