This $10 Lenovo Legion XL mousepad is a great value

By admin Feb19,2024

I’m a big fan of oversized mouse pads – desk pads, some call them. Today you can pick up just such a mouse pad from Lenovo in a comfortable 900x300x3mm (31.5×11.8×0.12″) size for just $10. To get this reduction from the normal price of $18, use code SAVE15ACC at the checkout. This particular model, for your reference, is the well-reviewed Legion Speed Gaming Mouse Pad XL.

User reviews on Reddit paint a convincing picture of a high-speed cloth mouse pad, with a fine weave, low palm and wrist resistance and a stitched edge for durability. They also mention the same $10 price point, so you’re not getting a once-in-a-lifetime bargain, but you are getting the best price that I can find any reference to!

The one downside to this mousepad is the 300mm or 11.8 inch height, which might be a bit too short for some setups – especially those on deeper desks and for players that use lower sensitivity settings in games with a lot of vertical aiming (think Overwatch rather than Counter-Strike). For this situation, I’d recommend a 400mm high mousepad or larger such as the Xtrfy GP5 which comes in at 920x400mm or 15.8×35.4″.

What kind of mouse pad are you using at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

By admin

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