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By admin Feb18,2024
Feature image for our guide on codes for Anime Clash and how to redeem them. It shows a battle screen with the dark-haired Kirin character running towards and enemy on a field that resembled historical Japan, with a large torii in the background.

It’s here. One of the hotly anticipated Roblox games of the year pits you and your squad of shonen powerhouses against wave after wave of enemies. It’s a pitched battle where your squad’s skills and powers are the only thing between you and your base’s destruction. No set paths here. Just carnage. Want to kick off the summoning process in style? Our codes for Anime Clash should set you right.

These are specific codes you can redeem in-game for a wealth of Gems, exactly what you need to get to assembling your team without spending so much time grinding it out with the scrub units.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out Anime Clash on Roblox. Want to see which are the scrub units I’m talking about? Try my Anime Clash tier list for more information.

Codes For Anime Clash

Here we detail what the codes are, and how to redeem them in-game. If you know the process, feel free to get right to the codes.

Active Codes

These are the latest codes we’ve found in our search. We’ll try to keep this up to date and remove any that aren’t useful any more. Don’t be shy to let us know if any of them aren’t so fresh. We can take it.

  • Release – 450 Gems (New!)
  • 2MVisits – 750 Gems (New!)

Anime Clash Codes Redemption Process

So you’ve got the codes? What next? Head into the game and get cracking on redeeming them into rewards. If you’re not sure of the process, we’ve detailed it for you below.

  • Open Anime Clash.
  • In the lobby find an NPC marked ‘Codes’. Last I saw of him he looked like Melodias’ Demon King, but that might not be a fixed look.
  • Interact with the NPC, a codes window should appear.
  • Enter codes into the white text box.
  • Hit the green Claim button.
  • Watch your gem count tick up.
  • Head off to spend your winnings!

When Will There Be New Codes?

Developers tend to add new codes regularly. They’re often tied to the number of likes, players, or other milestones relating to the game. So, if you want to speed a new code along then favoriting, liking, and playing the game might be doing your part.

How To Get More Gems

Still desperate for more shines but out of codes? You’re not totally out of luck. Find the NPC marked ‘Gems’ in the lobby and interact with him for 160 Gems every four hours, or 220 Gems if you’re a Premium or VIP user. You can do this as many times as you like, as long as you respect the cooldown.

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