Helldivers 2 players are getting stomped out by the new Automaton defense missions

By admin Feb17,2024

As you may know, Helldivers 2 players are being thrust into a new frontier of robotic warfare, as new defense missions have been added to the game alongside a community-wide call to action. However, while these warriors for liberty had previously been scoring win after win on the galactic map, this recent hurdle is proving troublesome.

The reason why is simple. Rather than take out a certain number of robots, or destroy various buildings in the name of democracy, these new defense missions require players to evacuate 30 scientists from a human colony. This starts off easy enough, however soon waves upon waves of Automatons swarm the base, making the process a whole lot more difficult.

There’s also somewhat of a learning curve. Unlike other missions, landing close to the objective is a good idea, as landing too far out can waste valuable evacuation time. Second, fresh recruits may not know where the scientists are located, or how to actually prompt them to leave their bunkers and rush to the escape shuttle. All this results in progress slowing, and more robots rushing you.

Naturally, the Helldivers 2 community has responded to this fresh hurdle. Many of them are expressing themselves through doom-posting, making memes of their failed attempts to tackle these new defense missions.

Meanwhile, others are taking the challenge in stride, creating handy guides that instruct other players how to quickly take down Automaton ships before they even land.

It’s just one of the many things to praise when it comes to Helldivers 2, but there’s definitely some rich, organic community cohesion on display here. I’ve got my theories as to why, but the fruit of this nurtured playerbase is that events like this Automaton invasion feel like a true group effort. We have to work together and figure this out gang! Let’s share our problems and solutions. It’s dope.

Let us know how you’re handling this robot invasion! If you’re looking for more Helldivers 2 stories, check out Phil Spencer’s comments on the game not being on Xbox X/S. While he understands why it isn’t on there, he apparently doesn’t understand who benefits from it not being on Xbox.

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