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Anime Last Stand features many powerful Techniques you can add to your Units. In this Anime Last Stand Avatar Technique guide, we’ll dive deep into one of the very best.

Anime Last Stand is simultaneously a Roblox Tower Defence game and an Avengers-style celebration of anime in general. With dozens of iconic characters from a range of anime and manga series’, the game provides a flavourful Tower Defence experience with a surprising degree of tactical depth. The game’s Technique system plays a big part in that, and in this guide we’re going to go over Avatar, one of the most powerful options available.

You can check out Anime Last Stand on Roblox right now. For help uncovering more of the game’s secrets, you can take a look at our Anime Last Stand Mash guide.

Anime Last Stand Avatar Technique Guide

In this guide we’ll unearth all the mysteries of the Avatar Technique. We’ll discuss what it does, what Units it plays best with, and how you can get it for yourself.

What Does Avatar Do?

Avatar is a Celestial-rarity Technique that grants the following stat boosts:

  • Damage – Increased by 225%
    • Status Effect Damage – Increased 4.5x
  • Range – Increased by 20%
  • SPA – Decreased by 15%
  • Critical Hit Damage – Increased by 25%
  • Equipped Unit Can Only Be Placed Once Per Map

As with the rest of the Celestial Techniques in Anime Last Stand, Avatar offers a well-rounded set of boosts that improve pretty much every aspect of the equipped Unit. 225% is a staggering damage boost, making nearly any Unit capable of holding its own, but the 4.5x Status Effect damage boost is even more interesting. This makes Units that can inflict Burn or Bleed far, far more effective. The increased Range, Critical Hit rate, and attack speed are all welcome too.

An interesting aspect of Avatar is that it limits you to placing only one copy of the equipped Unit on a given map. Normally you can place upwards of three copies of a Unit, so this is a significant downside. However, the massive boosts Avatar offers do help to balance this out. This is also a feature of the Overlord Technique, another Celestial Technique and one of the very best in the game.

Because of its immense damage boost, and nice supplemental benefits, any non-Farm Unit will pair wonderfully with Avatar. Though of course a Unit capable of inflicting Status Effects, such as Sukuna or Flame Alchemist, would be ideal, since they’ll be able to take advantage of the full suite of boosts on offer.

How Can I Get Avatar On A Unit?

You can get Avatar the same way you get all other Techniques in Anime Last Stand. In the hub area, there’s an NPC with the word ‘Techniques’ floating above their head. Approach them, and you’ll be able to roll a Technique for any Unit you own in exchange for one Technique Shard.

Techniques, like Units, come in five rarities, ranging from Rare to Celestial. Avatar is of Celestial rarity, and actually has the lowest roll chance in the game currently, at 0.1%. This means you’ll need to roll roughly 1,000 times before you can get your hands on this Technique. While it is immensely powerful, you’ll likely need some serious Robux to reliably roll Avatar, given how stingy the game is with Technique Shards elsewhere.

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