If you’re enjoying Cobalt Core, you should play Sunshine Heavy Industries

By admin Feb16,2024

I promise I’m not trying to turn RPS into a Soggins the Frog fansite, but… If you have a) been enjoying Cobalt Core as part of RPS Game Club this month, and b) especially like it when Soggins turns up with his ship of malfunctioning missile launchers, then I implore you to make Sunshine Heavy Industries your next port of call in your Steam library. It’s what the Cobalt Core devs Rocket Rat Games made first, and you can immediately see a lot of shared DNA between the two games – not least its chunky, charming pixel visuals and some crossover between its cast of characters – including our pal Soggins.

It is, I should stress, a very different game to Cobalt Core – it’s a sandboxy spaceship builder with zero combat involved, for starters – but I’ve been playing it again this week ahead of some other Game Club-themed articles I’ve got cooking, and I’ve been having a lovely time with it. Not least because I get to spend more time with Soggins the very smug frog, all while listening to even more excellent chill tunes from Cobalt Core composer Aaron Cherof.

By admin

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