Game Pass isn’t coming to other platforms, says Matt Booty, and Xbox games will still launch there on day 1. Diablo 4 coming March – WGB

By admin Feb16,2024

During the special Xbox Podcast published today, a number of topics were addressed about the future of Xbox as a brand. One of those is Game Pass amidst rumours that it might head to other platforms or that Xbox could change its previous promises to always bring its games to Game Pass.

Matt Booty has seemingly laid those fears to rest, though. Speaking on the podcast he confirmed a couple of important things.

First, “Game Pass will only be available on Xbox,” he said. There was some speculation that Xbox might be looking to bring their service to PlayStation and Switch, though that seemed unlikely. Booty has put those rumours to bed, even while his phrasing comes across as slightly odd since Game Pass is also on PC.

Booty also confirmed that all of Xbox’s games will still be launching on Game Pass on day 1. Many people were wondering if Xbox’s change of direction could involve some games not launching on Game Pass, such as future Call of Duty games.

Booty also mentioned that they were focusing on in cross-play and cross-save

Part of the Game Pass discussion included Sarah Bond announcing that Activision-Blizzard games will be getting put on Game Pass as well, starting with Diablo 4 on March 28. They did not specifically confirm if Call of Duty will hit Game Pass day and date, although they certainly alluded to it when they re-confirmed that Xbox games will still be on the service from day 1.

Later, Sarah Bond stated, “And all of our games from our incredible range of studios will always launch on Game Pass day one.”

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