Islands Of The Caliph is a colourful and cleverly condensed griddy RPG

By admin Feb15,2024

I have never enjoyed those grid-based dungeon-crawling games. I dislike the very notion of dungeon-crawling in general, frankly, but the awkward juddery squareskipping rat-toucher games have always left me absolutely cold.

You will be shocked and aroused to learn that I preface with all this just so I can make an exception of Islands Of The Caliph. Does this mean she’s becoming more open minded, or just that she’s found a way to gripe and complain even within a recommendation? Who can say, readers.

What I can say is that I don’t merely hate it less than its genremates. I think it’s a bloody great little RPG, full of charm and detail that never drags it down.

By admin

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