Creatures Of Sonaria Valentine’s Event Guide – How To Earn Roses

By admin Feb15,2024
Feature image for our Creatures Of Sonaria Valentine's event. It shows a baby Puffwump creature in the Desert, looking at a huge chocolate strawberry.

Love is in the air in Sonaria… but so are flying predators. Feeling like delivering a heartfelt letter, or gorging yourself on candy? Both are an option in the Creatures Of Sonaria Valentine’s event, and if you take part you might netting yourself some limited-timed goodies.

Creatures Of Sonaria is an open-world game where you must take control of one of a huge range of adorable creatures. Survive and thrive by finding food and water.. and avoiding becoming for yourselves. Spending time out completing objectives racks up mushrooms, which you can redeem for rolls on new creatures.

You can play Creatures Of Sonaria now on Roblox. Want more Roblox guides? Check out our Sol’s RNG Breakthrough guide.

Creatures Of Sonaria Valentine’s Event Guide

There are two minigames that you can play to earn Roses throughout the Valentine’s Event. Why do you want Roses? Roses mean prizes. You can redeem them in your event shop window. It includes some limited-time species, as well as plushes and color schemes. The prizes start at 500 Roses so you’ll need to get cracking.

The Sweet Life – Smashing Chocolates

Around the map you’ll find various glowing heaps of candy. Approach one and interact with it to kick off a minigame. You’ll see a spinning wheel, and you need to tap as the cursor hovers over the white or red areas. It’s pretty simple. If you get one of the latter, the bar above the wheel will fill up.

Once the bar is full the chocolate pile will shatter, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with Roses.

Wait A Minute Mr. Postmonster – Love Letter Delivery

Around the map you may find several boxes full of letters. Interact with the boxes to pick one up. Now it’s up to you to deliver it to the mailbox! The box is located at the Central Rockfaces, near the pond. Head over and interact with the box to get a Rose reward.

Beware! As a set location the mailbox is a hotbed of activity for carnivores. Be ready to make a quick exit if you have a creature that could be a target. Burrowers can drop a burrow near the box for quick entrance and exit.

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