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Ever wanted to become the prettiest antagonist and squash some monkeys? You’ll need my Suguru Geto Sakura Stand guide! Here I will give a spec showcase so you know what Geto is capable of, and tell you how to get him.

Sakura Stand is a Roblox game based on the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise. The game itself focuses on farming simulator gameplay, as well as throwing in exciting combat! This version of Sakura Stand is a complete remake of the previous game, with even better features. At the moment, the game is playable, but still in development – and there’s only one main developer!

You can learn more about it on the game’s official Roblox page. Need more boosts with Sakura Stand? Check out our How To Get Sukunas Fingers In Sakura Stand guide and How To Beat Sukuna In Sakura Stand guide.

Suguru Geto Sakura Stand

To wield Geto’s spec you first need to get him! Geto is a PvP Meta Spec which can be obtained by becoming a Vessel of Sukuna whilst also being Standless. You then need to chat with the Geto NPC who hangs around to the right of Auddy’s Shop. The Geto NPC will adorn you with a Mildly Hard To Do quest which once completed, you will gain the spec!

Spec Requirements

  • Become a Vessel of Sukuna
  • Obtain quest from Geto NPC
  • Kill Toji Fushiguro
  • Kill 15 Curses
  • Kill one Special Grade Curse (Space Curse)

Suguru Geto Spec Showcase

On to the fun stuff! Now you know how to get the Geto spec, this is your way to determine if you even want it. In this section, I will outline each moveset with a short description of what this move is capable of.


  • – Summon Playful Cloud
    • The user summons the Playful Cloud weapon and wields it
  • – Curse Selection
    • A small tab opens where the user can select a curse to wield
  • – Pose

Utilizing Playful Cloud

  • M1 Chain Combo
    • The wielder swings Playful Cloud at an opponent numerous times
    • 6 DMG per hit with 28 overall DMG
  • – Whirling Cloud
    • The user swings Playful Cloud close range to a victim of this attack
    • 4 DMG per hit with 34 overall DMG
  • – Joyous Cloud
    • The user slams Playful Cloud into the ground
    • 29 DMG to anyone in the radius hit

Wielding Curses

  • – Squid Curse Shot
    • The user summons forward 3 Squid Curses and fires them as projectiles at an opponent
    • 5 DMG per hit and 15 DMG overall
  • – Curse Manipulation: Absorb
    • Enemy curses can be absorbed in-game if the curse is suffering 25% HP or less
  • – Curse Spirit Manipulation: Summon: Cyclops
    • The Cursed Spirit which is called upon crashes upward onto the ground and deals huge AoE DMG
    • 32 DMG
  • H+– Curse Spirit Manipulation: Summon: Rainbow Dragon
    • Rainbow Dragon is summoned from behind the user and snatches a single enemy forward before dragging them up to the sky and slamming them into the ground
    • 33 DMG
  • H+– Curse Spirit Manipulation: Summon: Hookworm
    • Hookworm is summoned behind the user and lunges to bite an opponent in front of the user
    • 24 DMG, 9 Bleed DMG
  • H+– Curse Spirit Manipulation: Summon: Squid
    • Portals spawn in mass behind the user and spit cursed Squid projectiles at opponents
    • 2 DMG per hit
  • H+– Curse Spirit Manipulation: Summon
    • Any previously absorbed curses can be summoned forward to attack enemies
  • – Maximum Uzumaki
    • The user will shoot out an onslaught of curses from their hand which deals massive AoE DMG and Range DMG

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