Pre-Orders Open for CRKD’s NEO S Wireless Controller with Multiple Designs

By admin Feb14,2024
The feature image for the Pre-Orders Open for CRKD's NEO S Wireless Controller with Multiple Designs news has the controller in the blossom design!

CRKD just dropped some seriously excellent news: the NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller is now up for grabs, with open pre-orders and shipping starting in April 2024! Ready the touchscreen and level up your mobile gaming with the CRKD NEO S Wireless Controller? Then read on and get the details.

This fancy gamepad boasts not just one but nine eye-catching designs, including three by the renowned artist POPeART. Feeling artsy? You can even swap out the stick tops for a truly personalized look. This controller isn’t just about playing games; it’s about expressing yourself.

Fine-tune the triggers for optimal performance in different games. Feel the in-game action with realistic vibration feedback through rubble support.

But the NEO S isn’t just about looks (although, let’s face it, those designs are pretty sweet). It’s packed with features that any gamer can appreciate.

What’s unique about NEO S Wireless Controller?

The NEOS uses fancy Hall Effect thumbsticks for precise and responsive control. They’ve added more functionality and customize your control scheme.

You can even remap the back buttons, adjust the trigger sensitivity, and fine-tune the vibration to match your playstyle. Unleash rapid-fire attacks with a simple button press (perfect for those tough bosses!). You can swap out the stick tops for a fresh look and feel.

And that’s not all! With nine unique designs in different colors to choose from, the NEO S is more than just a controller – it’s a collector’s item! A companion app lets you track your collection and see how rare your controller is. The CRKD True Collection System App lets you track your controller’s rarity and adjust some settings.

You can find more information and Pre-order the NEO S Wireless Controller on the official CRKD website.

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