New Simulacrum Yanuo In Tower Of Fantasy Drops On February 20!

By admin Feb14,2024

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio just dropped some exciting news! They have revealed a new Simulacrum, Yanuo in Tower of Fantasy, who’s bringing serious skills and intrigue with her. Yanuo’s making her debut on February 20, so let’s give you a quick rundown of who she is.

Yanuo, The Perfectionist

Yanuo in Tower of Fantasy isn’t your average player. She’s a stealth queen, known as the ‘Perfectionist of District 9’ within the ranks of Hykros. She’s an excellent Executor and is reliable and extremely good at what she does.

Yanuo is friendly and efficient, but also arrogant and rebellious. Behind that cool facade, Yanuo’s actually working undercover for the Heirs of Aida within Hykros. Her role as a double agent in Tower of Fantasy takes a wild turn in a key scene where she totally flips the script. She uses Brevey to get insider information about Tower of Fantasy.

Props to Hotta Studio for pulling off a great twist in the storyline. They also released a trailer where we can see Yanuo and Wicked battling it out. Catch a glimpse of Yanuo in Tower of Fantasy in the video below!

Ever Played Tower of Fantasy?

TOF is an MMORPG by Hotta Studio and Level Infinite. It’s set in the future on this planet called Aida, where humanity’s kicking it. Launched in December 2021, it has a 3rd-person view. You get a massive world to explore, quests to tackle solo or with friends, and a character system that lets you grow however you want.

The USP of the title is that it has all sorts of cool characters and fighting moves to try out. If you haven’t tried it out, get it from the Google Play Store.

So, that wraps up our scoop on Yanuo in Tower of Fantasy. Are you a fan of horror games? Then, check out our story on After Ice Scream, Keplerians Cooking Up New Game Inspired By Player Feedback.

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