Disney Just Set the Record Straight Regarding Tiana’s Bayou Adventure RUMORS

By admin Feb14,2024

Rumors at Disney World spread about as fast as they did through middle school locker rooms. No joke.

Tiana’s Foods Water Tower

A rumor we’ve heard a lot recently is regarding an all-new restaurant that’s coming soon to Magic Kingdom. You know, the one that’s being built at the former Splash Mountain? The one with walls up that say “Tiana’s Foods?” Yeah, we’re totally kidding. That’s just Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — the thrill ride that’s being built. The signage and water tower that’s located beside the ride construction confused a lot of folks, though. They thought that since they were seeing things pertaining to food, that the construction was for a restaurant. Plus, Disneyland’s new Tiana’s Palace restaurant didn’t help this confusion. Well, Disney has officially added some new details that help clear the air.

On February 13th, we noticed that some new signage had been placed around Tiana’s Bayou Adventure! Firstly, there’s a new mural situation, which features Louis the alligator. The sign helps a lot, as it features the ride’s name. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure does sound more like a ride than “Tiana’s Foods.” We can see where the confusion came from. 

The new mural!

It also features the opening date — Summer 2024! This is much sooner than we expected. That’s not all that’s new, though! There are several elements that have been added that allude to the story that the ride will tell visitors. If you don’t already know, the ride’s story takes place after the final scene of Princess and the Frog. Tiana has achieved her dream of opening a restaurant, and even owns her own food complex. (Thus the reason why “Tiana’s Foods” signage is everywhere!)

We can’t wait!

Tiana’s Foods Complex is located on a large salt dome, which is what the “mountain” is. Anyway, the ride takes place during the Mardi Gras season, and Tiana is planning a HUGE celebration. She ends up needing a few extra elements to make the party a hit, and you have to travel with her and her friends through the bayou to make sure Mardi Gras is a success.

Now, there are elements of Mardi Gras surrounding the construction! We saw this “book your bands” signage that alludes to the idea that folks are preparing for big parties.

It’s Mardi Gras season!

There is also a sign that says “Louis is on his way to the party,” and says to join the parade by passing in front of the umbrella or instrument for a photo. This is referring to the mural, which can totally be used as a photo op. Is it also a hint at a photo op that can be found inside the queue later on?

Louis is on his way!!!!!

We’ll just have to see. We’re always monitoring construction in the parks and we’r always on thee lookout for more Disney News. Make sure to follow along so that you’re always in the loop.

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