Sons Of The Forest’s horrible cannibals reach 1.0 next week

By admin Feb13,2024

Sons Of The Forest‘s 1.0 release date draws nearer. Players who prefer their cannibal islands as polished as possible can begin their visit on February 22nd, and there’s now a release date trailer that shows exactly what kind of human monstrosities you can expect.

Cover image for YouTube videoSons of the Forest 1.0 – Exclusive Trailer

The release date trailer for Sons Of The Forest 1.0.

I think if a bundle of legs claps its ankles at you, that means it’s saying hello, and you should clap back before it takes offense.

The 1.0 release date was announced last year, and is one day short of its one-year anniversary in Early Access. Since the announcement in November, updates – aside from hotfixes – have stopped while the developers focus on content for 1.0.

The trailer above appears to show a bunch of that new content, although it’s easy to miss if you’re not familiar with the current state of the game. The golf carts aren’t new, for example, but being able to view a GPS map on the dashboard is. Hangliders aren’t new, but being able to launch them from the ground – rather than from a high ledge – is, I think.

Ollie found a lot to like about Sons Of The Forest in his early access review last year, “despite the bugs and glitches, the baffling mechanics, and the ultimate hollowness of the island”. All of those seemed like issues that could and would be addressed – and here’s hoping for something richer and more polished is in place for the full release next week.

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